Puja Booking Form

Please note the following:

1. All bookings are tentative. Temple Admin shall confirm your booking based on Priest (Pandit ji) availability. 

2. All payments shall receive donation receipt

3. If Puja booking is not feasible, alternative dates and/or times shall be suggested to choose from. In a case it is not feasible, the booking amount shall be refunded back to your source of payment. 

4. Home visits for the puja by the Priest (Pandit ji) is limited to North Shore region. On case to case basis, home visits could be accommodated but can't be promised. 

5. Home visits costs $51 over and above Puja charges

6. If Puja items are to be arranged by Mandir (Temple), it costs $51 over and above Puja charges. 

7. Only some basic items required for the Puja shall be included like Puja vessels etc. in $51. The Yajmaan might still be required to arrange a few things at their end like flowers, fruits, batti etc.