Shree Sanathan Hanuman Mandir is a Non-Profit Organization and all donations are tax deductible.

To construct Shree Santan Dharam hanuman Mandir in North Shore, is truly an undertaking of an epic proportion and any amount in contribution will go a long way.
Indeed, the growth of the temple as well as associated religious Activities depends greatly upon the generous donations of deveotees like you!
Please consider donating today and help our community realize our collective dream for Hanuman Mandir

Devotees may support in any of the following schemes:

Sankata Mochan's Platinum Donation - $101,001.00

The statue which displays Hanuman ji Ashtothram along with names of donors in the temple

Bajrang bali's Gold Donation - $51,001.00

An ornament tablet with the donor name will be displayed in the temple

Maruthatmaja's Silver Donation - $25,001.00

Donor names will be displayed on a Main Notice Board in the temple

Mahavirji's Bronze Donation - $11,001

Donor names will be displayed on a board in the temple

Other Donations

Any amount as per the devotees convinience

Donations can be made using the following details:

Shree Sanathan Dharam Hanuman Mandir Charitable Trust Bank of New Zealand,